Jerome Plotnick, Ph.D., N.D. is a Counseling, Cognitive, Behavioral, Health, Transpersonal, Reichian Psychologist-1998 C.S.U., Psychophysiologist, Pranic Psycho Th., 2000 I.I.S., Psychodetoxification Deprogrammer-1972 H.E.C.,
I.B.Sc.,Thesis: A Complete Guide & Summary of Clinical Psychology. C.S.U.-Ph.D. 1998 60 Units and Meta Your Mind Thesis/Book C.A.C.U.-M.S. 60 Units 1994 and the Whole Child Program Model-Paper-How to Start a Community Care/Non-Profit Agency Mini-Book N.C.CA.-B.A. 60 Units 1983 L.A.P.C.-A.A. 1978 60 Units L.A.M.C.-A.S. 1992 60 Units

Cert. Master Hypno Th., 1979 H.E.C., I.B.Sc. 1968 Specializing in: Addictions, Pain Control, N.L.P. Neuro Linguistic Programming (Mirroring-Verbal Pacing, Anchoring, Reframng), Past Life Regressions, Mind/Thought Control for Deprogramming Addicts, Cult Members, etc., Self Hypnosis Training, Author of the Complete Book on Self and Hetero Hypnosis Entitled: Meta Your Mind. and Mind, Memes, Miasms, Viruses Takeover to a Mind Healing Makeover

Cert. E.M.G. Biofeedback Th. 1992 B.C.I.A.-B.F.B.I. L.A. Specializing in Stress Elimination Training, Coping Skills, Neuro-Muscle Re-ed, Pain Control, Took Required Didatic Training Courses, Fourier Analysis, and Internship for Certification as a Biofeedback Therapist. Dr. Marjorie Toomin, Ph.D. Instrumentation Hershel Toomin, Dr Sc. B.C.I. A. Instructors/Supervisors. Comprehensive Biofeedback Training Course" Introduction to Biofeedback, Preparing for Clinical Interviews, Neuromuscular Intervention: General, Neuromuscular Intervention: Specific, Central Nervous System. Autonomic Nervous System Intervention: General, & Specific, Biofeedback & Distress, Instrumentation (Bio-Comp 2001) Adjunct Techniques and Cognitive Interventions. Professional Conduct, Law & Ethics. Practium/Internship: Case Conference, Personal Biofeedback Self Training, Clinical Supervision, Direct Patient Contact, Combined E.M.G., Thermal, S.C.R. Author of the Book Entitled: Bioenergetic, Mind & Natural Medicine For my Complete Training Subjects Descriptions Listed go to About Jerome Plotnick, Ph.D., N.D. on Facebook

Cert. E.E.G. Neurofeedback Th., 1998-2000 B.C.I.A.-B.F.B.I. L.A.-E.E.G. S.I., Dr. Bill Scott, Ph.D.-B.C.I.A., Sue Othmer, B.A.-B.C.I.A. Instructor/Supervisor, Further Training and Internship Required for Certification: Dr. Jennifer Cochagne, Ph.D.-B.C.I. A. Instructor/Supervisor. Specializing in Addictions Penniston/Kulkosky Protocol 2001 Menninger Clinic Penniston/Kulkosky Addiction Elimination Protcol  Drs. Walters & Fahrion, Ph.D.-B.C.I.A. Instructors Mental Fitness, Peak Performance, Addictions, P.T.S.D., A.D.D., A.D.H.D., O.C.D., P.D. L.D., B.P.D. Depression. Took the Required Didatic Training Courses, and Intership for Certification as a E.E.G. Neurofeedback Th.  E.E.G. Neurofeedback Theory & Practice: History, Purpose, Analysis, Methods, Patient Evaluation, Alpha-Theta-Beta Training Protocols for Specific Conditions, Use of E.E.G. Biofeedback Instrumentation (Neuro Cybernetic). Further Training by Tom Collura, Ph.D.-B.C.I.A. Instructor in E.E.G. of BrainMaster Technologies at BrainMaster Technologies; (Atlantis 4X4 Unit), Training Manuals and Technical Information on Type 2E Module & B.M.T. Software for Windows and for my Complete Training Taken Subject Descriptions Listed go to About Jerome Plotnick, Ph.D., N.D. on Facebook.

Cert. Chemical Dependency Recovery Counseling Specialist-C.A.D.D.E.-1992-L.A.M.C.  Courses Taken: Understanding Chemical Dependency & Counseling, Drugs in Prespective Pharmacology & Physiology, Chemical Dependency Counseling Training, Group Skills for Chemical Dependency Counselors, Chemical Dependency Treatment & Recovery, Chemical Dependency & the Family, Chemical Dependency & the Theories of Human Development, Sociological Aspects of Chemical Dependency, Chemical Dependency & Eating Disorders, Alcohol & Drug Education & Prevention, Field Work (Internship) for Chemical Dependency Personnel (Internship at the V.A. Medical Center Drug Unit #4, Sepulveda, CA. 1991-92 with Vietnam Veterans Suffering From Stage 4 Alcohol, Drug and P.T.S.D. Professor James Crossen, Ph.D.-C.A.D.D.E, C.A.D.C.,  R.N., M.F.C.C.-Instructor/Supervisor. Author of the Book Entitled: The 13th Step For Total Drug/Alcohol/Process Addiction Recovery. Designed a Holistic Spiritual Approach to Addicition Recovery a Program entitled: H.E.L.P./EMMANUEL. I Am Also a Past Member of: C.A.R.R.D.- 1980, N.A.A.C.-1980

Naturopathic Degree, N.D. Counselor in Naturopathic Medicine and Holistic Health Counselor-1975 S.U. & C.C. N.H.-2000 courses completed for N.D. Degree. Herbology, Homeopathic, Hydrotherapy, Acupressure, Massage, History, Law, Ethics, Natural Health Science, Anatomy, Physiology, Organic Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Psychobiology, Natural Healing Processes, Patient Treatment & Assessment, Public Health, Massage,  Ecology. Reflexology, Detoxification Methods, Nutrition, Specialize in Herbology (American, Asian, Ayurveda, Amazon, African Herbs), Homeopathy (Classical & Clinical), Bach Flower Essences, Essential Oils (Aromatherpy, Grade "A " oils), Nutritional Therapy (Zone, Chinese 5 Element, Macrobiotics, Ayurveda, Detoxification Diets), Reflexology, Light Photon Frequency Solutions-Radionics, Energetic Detoxification, Bio-Energetic Analysis, B.E.S.T. Chiropractic, Pulse, Facial, Hair, Tounge, Urine, Saliva Analysis, Needle-less Acupuncture, Non Touch Chiropractic. Author of the Books Entitled: The 13th Steps From Illness To Health-APNBMPDR, Meta Your Health in 45 Days, Bioenergetic, Mind & Natural Medicine,, Meta Your Nutrition.

Cert. Touch For Health Instructor/Practitioner. 1976 T.F.H.F. Courses Taken: Muscle Testing, A.K., Acupuncture Touch & Massage, Lympahtic Massage, Neuro Massage, Muscle Re-Balancing for Elimination of Physical, Mental Pain & Tension, Chinese 5 Element Theory & Pulse Diagnosis Using the Touch For Health Techniques, Meridian Theory & Touch For Health Diagnosis and Treatment for 5 Element & Organs & Glands, Practium. I Was a Touch For Health Instructor at: L.A. Pierce College, U.C.L.A. Experimental College, L.A. Valley College, Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Community Services Center, Woman's Workshop. 1976-2003 Dr. John Thie, D.C.  Mary Marks, D.C. Instructors/ Supervisors.

Cert. Massage Th. 1978  I.H.S. Courses Taken, Anatomy, Physiology, Basic Massage Techniques for Swedish, French Efflourage, Esalean, Deep Tissue & Muscle Massage, Lympahtic Massage, Rolfing, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Jin Shin Do, Massage History & Law, Ethics, & Required Internship. Philip Selensky, C.M.Th/I Massage Instructor/Supervisor.

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine & Herbology 1983 S.F.O. C.Ac. Acupuncture Theory, Yellow Emperors 8 Dielectic Principles/Classical Theory, Puilse Diagnosis, Facial Diagnosis, Chinese 5 Element Theory,  Acupuncture Point Location. Acupuncture Needle Insertion, Acupuncture Treatment, The Motive Force-Chi/Qi, Yin/Yang Theory, Qi, Moisture, and Blood, 5 Emotions, Climate, etc, 8 Guiding Principles, The 5 Phase Theory, 5 Organ Networks-Chinese Traditional Physiology, Circulation of Chi-24 Hours, Interaction of Sheng & Ke, 5 Phase Types & Theory,  Acupuncture Treatment & Bioelectric Fields, Acupuncture First Aid & Acupresure Massage, 50 Acupuncture Points for Self Care, Location of Acupuncture Points, Chinese Herbology, Formulating Herbal Prescriptions, Herbal Properties and Their Effects, Symptom Patterns of Depletion and Congestion, Herbal Tea Preparation, Use of Chinese Patent Medicines, Recipes for Harmonizing, Qi, Mositure and Blood, Ingredients to Eliminate Heat, Cold, Wind and Phlegm, Recipes for the 5 Phases, Seasons and Climates, Herbal Cusine, 5 Element Chinese Nutrition/Diet
Medical History, Medical Terminology. Dr. Harvey Rosenberg, M.D., Dr. Lee, L.Ac, Efrem Korngold, L.Ac., O.M.D. Instructors

Meditation Instructor/Practitioner of Eastern & Western Meditations: Taoist, Tibetan, Tangu, Tantra,  Ayurveda, Hindu, Buddhist, Physio-Kundalini Syndrome, Shamanistic, T.M,, Do-In, Tai Chi, Chi Coiling, Shiatsu Ball, Internal Kung Fu, Iron Shirt Chi Gong,  Zen, Micro Cosmic Orbit, Larger Bliss & Little Bliss, Breath, Breath to Breath, One, Thought to Thought, Sharavar, Bio-Alpha/Theta Hypnogogic Meditation, A-Z, Putka, Single Point, Color, Chakra, Twin Hearts, St. Germain, 1000 Petal Lotus, Smiling, etc. Creative Visualization, Affirmations, Pink Bubble, Remote Viewing,  Scientific Prayer, Astral Projection, Pre Cognition, Medi-Focus. How, When, Why Meditation.  Meditation Environment Setup, Use of Pyramid, Light Photon Frequency Solutions, and  Crystals in Meditation, E.M.G. BioFeedback, E.E.G. Neurofeedback, and Hypnosis and Meditation, Altered States of Consciousness and Meditation, Alpha/Theta Brainwaves and Meditation States, The Psychology & Physiology of Meditation, History, Step by Step Meditation Instructions. Author of the Book Entitled: Meta Your Meditation, Meta Your Manifestation, The Tao of the Soul/Self/Slate a Rebirthing, Self Healing and Spiritual Enlightenment Audio Program..

Cert. Pranic Healer 1994 I.I.S.  Course in Pranic Healing Based on the Book Entitled: Pranic Healing by Master Choa Kok Sui, Master Pranic Healer.  Subjetcs Covered Were: The Nature of Pranic Healing, Aura of the Bioplasmic Body, Cleansing and Raking and Energizing. Treatments of Simple Cases, Drawing in Prana , Eleven Major Chakras, Self-Healing, Distant Pranic Healing, Color Pranic Healing, Advanced Treatments, Illumination Technique. Stephen Co, Master Pranic Healer/Instructor.

Jerome Plotnick, Ph.D., N.D. Presently Also Brain Trains With E.E.G. Neurofeedback Professional Athletes, Martial Artisits, Actors and Other Professionals That Require High Energy For Mental Fitness, Peak Performance, Deep States-Alpha/Theta Hypnongogic Training, Higher Altered Staes of Consciousness, Awareness, Health Enhancement, Prosperity, Memory, Concentration, Attention, Focus. Based on His Program and Book Entitled: Meta Your Health in 45 Days he Performs the "Mental/Psyche-Body/Soma-Spiritual/Shen Spa Which is a 45 Day 21st Century Cutting Edge Health & Well Being Restoral Program. He Also Performs World-Wide Counseling and Consutation on All of the Aforementioned Areas of His Expertise
Member: Counselors Alcohol And Related Dependencies C.A.A.R.D.-1980 Member: National Association Alcohol Counselors N.A.A.C.-1980
Member: Diablo Valley College Community Services Board-1985 Member: World Congress of Professional Hypnotists 1983 Biofeedback Society of CA. 1992 Member: Touch For Health Foundation 1976       
Member: California Alcohol Drug Dependency Educators-C.A.D.D.E. 1992
Licensed Foster Parent L.A. County Dept. of Social Services 1976 Licensed Community Care Group Home/Facility State of CA. Community Care Licensing Dept. of Social Services 1981 Cert. Master Hypno Th. H.E.C. 1976 Cert. Touch For Health Instructor T.F.H.F. 1976 Cert. Chemical Dependency Recovery Counseling Specialist L.A.M.C.-C.A.D.D.E. 1992 Cert. E.M.G. Biofeedback Th. B.F.I.L.A.-B.C.I.A. 1992 Cert. E.E.G. Neurofeedback Th. 2000 E.E G.S.I.-B.C.I.A. Dr. Jennifer Cochagne, Ph.D. Private Practice/Supervisor/Instructor B.C.I.A. Cert. Pranic Healer I.I.S. 2001 Instructor at L.A. Pierce College Community Services in Touch For Health/Acpressure-1976-78, U.C.L.A. Experimental College in The Holistic Approach to Health & Touch For Health/Acpressure-1976 The Joni Pennock Show U.H.F. T.V. Ch. 52 Pyramid Energy Fields & Touch For Health-1977 The Mind Body Connection Radio Show K.I.E.V. Radio With Hosts Claudia and Kevin-E.M.G. Biofeedback & Stress Elimination, Meditation, Autogenics, E.E.G. Neurofeedback Training-1998 Instructor in The Holistic Approach to Health at the Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks War Memorial Park Community Service Center-1998
Alliance for Natural Health-2012, North American Naturopaths Healing Association/Directory-2011, World Naturopaths Healing Association/Directory-2010

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