"Meta Your Mind." Proven Techniques for Reprogramming Your Mind in an Affective Positive Manner. Self Hypnosis Step By Step Instructions, Hetero Hypnosis, Psycho-Cybernetics (Mind Over Biological Systems), Goal Setting, Self Improvement, Self Image, Self Confidence, Self Worth, Self Esteem, Self Change, Behavior Modification Using Hypnosis,  Memory, Focus, Motivation With Self Hypnosis Training, Super Alert Awake Eyes Open Hypnotic State, Suggestibility, Smoking, Alcohol and Drug  Cessation, States of Mind and Hypnotic States, Famous Hypnotists, History of Hypnosis.

  "Meta Your Meditation." Eastern & Western Meditations: Taoist, Tibetan, Tantra, Tangu, T.M., Buddhist, Zen, Pranic, Ayurveda, Hindu, A-Z, Shamanistic, Kundalini, Twin Hearts, St. Germain, Micro Cosmic Orbit, Internal Kung Fu, Putka Breath, Chakra, Color, Single Point, 1,000 Petal Lotus, Scientific Prayer & Visualization, Affirmations, Pink Balloon, Breath to Breath, Thought to Thought. Step by Step Instructions, History, How, Why,  What, and When to Meditate, the Psychophysiology of Meditation, the Physio-Kundalini Syndrome.

        "Meta Your Manifestation." How to Manifest & Change Your Reality. Synchronicity and Creating What You Attract Through Your Thinking, Meditation and Connection to Your Spiritual Super Higher Self into the Gap to the Field of all Possibilities to the Super Consciousness the Universal Divine Mind (God) the I Am. Robert Frost, Famous Author/Poet Once Stated, "Sit Around in a Circle and Suppose While the Secret Sits in the Center and Knows." Change Your Thoughts=Change Your Reality, Gap Meditation Between Breaths & Thoughts, Hypnosis as a Chakra Meditation, Act of Forgiveness, Brain Change, Eliminate Stress & the Six Basic Fears, a Thinking Brain/Body/Spirit That Has Memory, How to Deal With Modernday Stress, Power of Prayer, GAP God's Acceptance Point, Power of Visualization, Power of Mind, Thought + Toxins + Timing= Dis-Ease, "I AM" For Manifestation, Autogenics, Progressive Relaxation Technique, Self Hypnosis, Hetero Hypnosis, Self Talk, Affirmations, The Law of Attraction, Desire, Supply, and Gain.

"Meta Your Health in 45 Days." How to Heal Yourself Naturally & Restore Your Health, Vitality, Well-Being & Powers of Mind-Body-Soirit in 45 Days. A Naturopathic, Bioenergetic, Holistic & Spiritual Approach to Health & Wellness. Toxins: Mind-Body Spirit & the 5 Toxic Groups the Causes of all Diseases/Illnesses, Pre Detox O.C. Opening Channels Program, Post Energetic Natural Detox Program(s), Re-Establish & Re-Plenish Body/Brain Nutrients, Re-Balance Brain Waves Through E.E.G. N.F.B. B.W. Training, Blood Purification & a 9 Day Inner Cleansing Program, Whole Food Super Supplements, Ionic Minerals, Amino Acids, Enzymes and Oxygen Supplement, Energetic Light Photon Frequency Topicals and Internal Solutions, E.M.G. B.F.B Training for Stress Reduction, Coping Skills, Neuro-Muscle Re-Ed, Pain Control, E.E.G.N.F.B Training for Mental Fitness, Peak Performance, A.D.D., A.D.H.D., P.T.S.D., Addicitons, Depression, O.C.D., B.P.D., L.D., P.D, Deep States Relaxation Training.

"Bioenergetic, Mind & Natural Medicine." Nature's Ancient Healing Wisdom + 21st Century Cutting Edge Enegetic Technology & Medicine Today, Power of Intention, Power of Belief, Power of Nature, Power of Suggestion, Power of Chi/Life Force, Power of Flowers, Power of Meditation/Prayer, Power of Cyrstals, Power of Light, Power of Electronics/Frequencies, Power of Color, Power of Chakras, Power of Spirit, Power of Now, Power of Mind/Will, Power of Magnetic Healing, Power of Pyramid/Psychotronic Energy, Power of Sound/Healing Music, Power of Nutrition. Acupuncture, Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Homeopathic, Chiropractic, A.K./Massage/Therapeutic Touch, Osteopathic, Naturopathic, and Bioenergetic.

"The Tao of the Soul/Self/Slate." a Unique Dynamic, Extroadinary Re-birthing, Re-programming, Self Healing & Spiritual Enlightenment Audio Program and Book. A Significant One of a Kind in Existence and a Spiritual Unique Audio Program that Guides the Listener and Provides Them With a Program of Elimination of all the Negative Subconscious Programming, the Seven Deadly Sins and the 7 Mental Terror States, Thinking, Six Basic Fears, and Other Erroneous Zero Order Cognitive Core Beliefs Which Prevent One From Attaining Their Highest Potential of Peace, Prosperity, and Spiritual Enlightenment, Unity, etc. It Provides You With a Complete Clearing/Cleansing/Cartharsis of Your Sub, Sub-Sub, Sub-Sub-Sub Conscious Mind's Level of Consciousness. These are the Zero Order Beliefs (Core Issues-Memes, Misams, Viruses) From Birth-Parental-Historical-Religious-Governmental-Societal Erroneous Beliefs Preventing Your Birth Right for Peace, Prosperity, Wisdom, Wellness and Realizing Your Dreams and the Highest Potential of the "I AM'' Unity Divine God Consciousness. A Spiritual Enlightenment, Self Healing and Rebirthing Program.

"The 13th Step For Total Alcohol/Drug/Process Addiction Recovery."-a Holistic & Spiritual Approach Book & Program Called The H.E.L.P/EMMANUEL Program. As an Adjunct to A.A., N.A. 12 Step Spiritual Programs of Recovery. 1. a Pre O.C. Opening Channels Program Prepares the Body for a Detox.  2. a Post 15 Day-45 Day Energetic Natural Detox Program and Detox Diet That Completely Eliminates all Chemical/Drug Residues From the Brain/Body/Spirit. 3. 12 Step A.A. or N.A. Counseling and Practice of Steps. 4. 21-45 Minute Sessions of E.E.G. Neurofeedback Alpha/Theta (Penniston/Kulkosky Protocol) for Brainwave Normalization. 5. Brain/Body Nutritional (Nutrient) Replenishment Including Whole Food Super Supplements. 6. Needle-less Acupuncture and Aricular Ear Acupuncture. 7. E.M.G. Biofeedback Training For Stress & Coping Skills to Eliminate  Emotional Addiction Triggers. 8. Cognitive Behavior Training, Reality Therapy, Circle Therapy, Behavior Modification Training & Family Systems Therapy.    9. Self Hypnosis, Auto Suggestions, Self Talk, Hetero Hypnosis PsychoDetoxification Deprogramming for Mind/Thought Control of Addicition(s). 10. B.E.S.T. Bio-Energetic-Synchronization-Technique for Elimination of all Brain/Mind/Cellular Memories that Trigger Addcitive Behaviors-( a Body Over Mind Chiropractic Program). 11. Sober Living Dietary Nutrition Program. 12. N.L.P. Neuro Linguistic Programming Through Mirroring, Verbal Pacing, Anchoring, and Reframming Brain/Thoughts/Mind/Behaviors. 13. Meditation and Prayer, Exercise-Vocational Rehabilitation.

''Mind Memes-Miasms-Virus Takeover to a Mind Healing Makeover." A Method and a Program to Safely Eliminate From Your Spirit/Brain/Mind/Body and Consciousness all of the Meme's-Miasms-Viruses Which are Passed on Multi-Generational Genetic Toxic Information Which are Frequencies and Cause(s) of Anxiety, Addiction, Fears, Worry, Nervousness, Panic, 7 Deadly Sins, 7 Mental/Emotional Terror States, Obsessive-Compulsive Behaviors, Depression, Anxiety, Bi- Polar Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Stress, Hypertension, Spasms and all Negative Feelings and Behaviors. Create and Paint a New Portrait of Yourself in 45 Days With the Proven 21st Century Energetics Mind Healing Makeover Program. Included are: Stress, Belief System, Mind-Memes-Miams, Viruses, Placebos: Active & Inactive, Fears, Nervous Systems, Attitudes, Beliefs & Behaviors, Reality is Your False Perception & Non Reality Experiments in Healing, Famous Researchers, How to Change the Mental Mold & Your World, Psychic Mind Control, Quotes From the Experts, How to Deal With Modern Day, Stress, Duress, Worry, Fear, Anxiety, Hypertension, and Depression Naturally.
   ''Vis Medicatrix Naturae''
                                THE HEALING POWER OF NATURE